Monday, March 5, 2012


konstrukt (kən-ˈstrəkt), v. [From a late formation from Swed. koloss for "colossus" and PSHA nuk for "anoint."  The present stem of the PSHE v. has given onomatopoeia for a quirky laugh.  Early derivation is unclear and possibly may not stem from Swed., but from Idio. (a) ko for "kool," i.e. to substitute k, emphatic for tsheeky or kutsie alliteration; variously (b) Idio. k, extension, and under the ekstreme sirkumstanse that an umlaut is insuffishiently linguistikally violent; (d) PMI k, a passé pseudo-movement to rid English of the letter c.]

1. trans. To make, erect, or construct a hollow kolossus, hulk, or leviathan for the purpose of laryngeal lubrication, remedy for incessant screaming.

kognates: konstrukting, konstrukted, konstruktshun

2012 T. Haake and Meshuggah, et al: Kunstrukting the Koloss (album title)

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